What is Bornedreams?


We will make your dream come true

Bornedreams is a Company founded by Abel Quesada and Amparo Ortega, belonging to the Quesada Family. Wass born from an endless number of experiences acquired for more than 30 years, plus the Know How inherited to be the 3rd generation of builders and promoters.

The Quesada family is recognized in Valencia for having been dedicated for 3 generations to the promotion, construction, rehabilitation and high standing reforms.

We are a company that has a great team of professionals that will make possible what sometimes seems impossible.

Design, Vanguard, Quality, Commitment … your desired home. Our goal is to make your dream come true

Why choose Bornedreams?

All these years of work and effort have made us understand the needs and concerns of our customers when facing what is likely to be one of the most important projects of his life. That’s why Bornedreams helps you make your dreams come true, with the guarantee of our values.
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Human Resources

We have a team made up of Designers, Architects, Industrialists and Project Managers with the capacity to understand and carry out the project
you want, taking care of every detail and studying all the necessary aspects for it.


Before starting the work, all the necessary permits and licenses will be requested, the fees will be paid, we will deliver a copy to the client to assure him that all the work is done in a legal manner, he will also be given all the documentation required of the company, insurance, being up
to date with obligations, etc., so you can rest easy during the project execution process.


Closed price of all the games will be given to not take any surprise, and make sure that we can make the project with the agreed budget. All this signed in contract, also marking the form of payment that will be flexible according to the needs.


Before starting the works we will make an estimate of the time it will take us to do it, we will make a planing and we will commit ourselves in